Analysis Report

The analysis report details analysis of evidence submitted to the Review.

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The Terms of Reference for the LGBT Veterans Independent Review stated that:

“The Review will make evidence‑based recommendations as to how the Government can meet its commitment in the Veterans Strategy, to ensure the service and experience of every veteran is understood and valued, in relation to the LGBT veterans community.”

The Review wanted to understand the impact of the ban whilst allowing veterans to be able to tell their story. This is why we launched the Call for Evidence in July 2022 to gather personal testimony from LGBT veterans who served under the ban on homosexuality between 1967 to 2000, along with that of non‑LGBT veterans and friends and families of LGBT veterans who could no longer tell their story.

With over 1,100 responses, including some from organisations and academics, the Call for Evidence resulted in an unprecedented amount of data about life under the ban and its impact.

To fully evaluate the experience of veterans, identify the effects of the ban, and collect their insight into how to make current services more accessible and how to make them accepted as full members of the Armed Forces community a qualitative analysis of the testimony was carried out. Each testimony was read line by line and statements categorised. This report reflects the emergent themes from that analysis.

The Recommendations made by the Chair in the Final Report are based on his personal analysis of the testimony and evidence received by the Review. This report categorises the evidence received.

The recommendations in the Final Report were also informed by discussions with leading officials and stakeholders in the veterans sector, the devolved administrations and the health and care sector.

The LGBT Veterans Independent Review team

July 2023 

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